Performance by Aikido studio «Ametsuchi»

On August 9, within the «Cultural Environment» project, an aikido master class «Ametsuchi»will be held at the summer stage of the Uritsky Park.

This event suits people of all ages, any gender and different levels of physical training.

The master class includes:

●        warm-up for all muscle groups, allowing you to restore or maintain mobility and activity at any age

●        training the basic principles of correct falling for all ages with practice under the supervision of instructors

●        introduction to the theory of self-defense for women and all categories involved training. Initial principles of self-defense against the main types of attack with an explanation of the key points and practical exercises.


The master of the «Ametsuchi» studio is Evgeny Belousov.

August 9, 4 pm

Free admission.

The master class will be held at the summer scene of the «Uritsky» park!

Information available by the phone number: +7 (843) 560 66 92

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