Opening of the «Invisibility» exhibition by Roman Zhuchkov

On April 11 at 6 pm «Moskovsky» Cultural Center (47 Ak. Korolyov street) will host the «Invisibility» exhibition by Roman Zhuchkov.
Photographs of the night sky are always fascinating and create a mood of mystery. But behind the easy perception there is a technically circumspect and painstaking shooting process, which requires certain knowledge and skills. The shooting time varies from ten minutes to ten hours, and the result can be assessed only after image processing.
Astrophotography is the point at which physics and poetry converge, and the romanticized space becomes closer and more accessible. The pictures presented at the exhibition provide an opportunity to see what is hidden from the human eye, to try on night vision lenses.
The «Invisibility» exhibition consists of 26 shots, some of which were taken with an ultra-wide-angle fish-eye lens. The effect of such a shooting can be compared with immersion in a certain fictional world, similar to the Looking Glass. The characteristic distortion of space gives surrealism to the familiar landscape.
The author of the exhibition is Roman Zhuchkov (born 1980), PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor of the Department of Astronomy and Space Geodesy of Kazan Federal University (KFU), photographer.

April 11, 6 pm

Free admission

Age restrictions: 0+

Information available by the phone number: 560-66-92

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