Master class «Shoppers are in»

Recently, shopping bags have become an integral part of the wardrobe and an important and eco-friendly accessory.
At the master-class participants will not only paint the shopper, but also learn information about proper waste sorting and plastic labeling.
The master class will give the participants the opportunity to feel like a real artist and create a designer shopping bag, and then, of course, take it as a souvenir and use it instead of disposable bags. Being used properly, the shopping bag will serve for a long period of time and will not lose its attractiveness.
All materials are provided.
The master class will be held by the head of the «Greenlight» student environmental team, Anna Yudina, involving «Green Compass» eco-school.

December 18, 6:30 pm

The event participates in the «Pushkin Card» project

Age restrictions: 12+

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Ticket price: 800 rubles

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