Film «An Elephant Sitting Still»

On November 20, Sunday, at 4 pm at the «Focus» cinema club we will watch and share our opinion on the film «An Elephant Sitting Still» directed by Hu Bo.

Bu and Lina live in one of the depressive districts of the city. From that city trains and buses go to Manchuria, where the elephant lives. No matter what happens around, he always sits still. Bu, who accidentally caused the death of Shuai, who kept the whole school in fear, needs to get there by all means. A recalcitrant and a dreamer involuntarily, he tries to escape from the revenge of Shuai’s elder brother. And he has no one to help him or defend. Even the grandmother, who always helped him out in difficult moments, died.

Film duration: 230 min. / 03:50
Watching with subtitles.
The host of the cinema club is Roman Dmitriev.

November 20, 4 pm

Registration available by the phone number: +7 (843) 560 66 92

Number of tickets is limited.

No special knowledge is required to participate, the main thing is to love watching movies and discussing them.

Age restrictions: 18+
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