Exhibition of children's drawings «No scribbles»

On June 7 at 5 pm the “Moskovsky” Cultural Center (47, Academician Korolev str.) will host the opening of the exhibition “No scrubbles”.

The exhibition “No scrubbles” is a journey into the world of children's creativity, where simple means of expression, such as lines, spots and colors, turn into recognizable and emotional images.
During the 2023–2024 academic year, young participants of the “Hooray!” studio created illustrations to folk nursery rhymes, riddles, fairy tales by Pushkin and poems by Russian and Japanese poets. They also painted still lifes, portraits, landscapes and animals using various techniques such as stamping, monotype and collage. Their pieces of art, full of history and impressions, were published in the magazine “Nature outside my window.”
In addition, during the work of the studio (since 2013), more than 100 original stop-motion cartoons have been created. The studio also publishes the magazine “Nature outside my windows” with children’s observations and other author’s publications.
Visitors will be able to visit the world of children's creativity, full of sincerity and inspiration.

The exhibition runs from June 7, 2024.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Free admission.

Information available by the phone number: 560-66-92

Age restrictions: 0+

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