Exhibition «Anachrony»

On June 6 at 6:30 pm “Moskovsky” Cultural Center (47, Academician Korolev street) will host the opening of the exhibition “Anachrony”.

“If an artist can create an illustration for a text, then can a poet or writer create a text for ready-made illustrations?” This question became the starting point of the experiment by the writer Gleb Kashevarov and the artist Ksenia Yusupova, which led to the “Anachrony” project.
The authors came to the conclusion that the word and the image fill each other with meaning. If a word does not evoke any image, then the word is dead, being just a strange combination of sounds. It is the same with the image. If an image does not evoke meaningful experiences and does not generate a commentary text, such an image is lifeless, it will most likely be forgotten as soon as it disappears from view. The generated meaning - no matter whether it is contained in an image or a sound - does not belong to any time. Words and means of expression may change, but their deep meaning is timeless, it is both “now” and “always” - therefore, everything that is truly filled with meaning can only be anachronistic. Only escaping the current moment can help to get into this timelessness of meanings. This is exactly what the presented project demonstrates.
The project contains texts of poems written under the influence of the paintings seen and paintings created as illustrations for the poetic text. There are also the results of creativity, which coincided by chance in their meaning and imagery.
Gleb Kashevarov is a writer, poet, art editor, scientist (PhD in Biological Sciences). In his poems, Gleb strives to convey strong and often contradictory feelings, avoiding verbosity and using transparent and readable images, as openly and honestly as possible, trying in general to continue the traditions of the Acmeists.
Ksenia Yusupova is an artist and scientist. She graduated from the Kazan College of Folk Arts and Crafts with a degree of “Artistic and Design Work Performer”, and at the same time received a PhD in Veterinary. Currently, without interrupting her scientific activities, she is undergoing additional training at Kazan State Institute of Culture.
In her works she uses graphic techniques, watercolor, acrylic and oil painting, and mixed media. Deep symbolism and mysticism are characteristic of the artist’s works. They evoke inexplicable nostalgia, linking simple everyday images with something hidden and sacred.

Opening hours: Monday–Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.

Opening hours from June 17: Monday–Friday from 10 am to 7 pm.

Free admission.

Age restrictions: 18+

Cultural Center "Moskovsky"

47, Academician Korolev street

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