Concert of the «Murakami» group

The acoustic program «Belym-Belo» («Whity-white») by the group «Murakami» is a piece of Christmas magic in the middle of winter. These are revelations, sincere conversations, poems and familiar hits. Lightness, warmth and comfort are the recipe for a good evening to celebrate Christmas.

«Murakami» is a Russian rock band formed in November 2004 in Kazan. “»Belym-belo» is the name of the group’s winter single, which will warm you up during the New Year holidays.

Come to «Moskovsky» Cultural Center on January 3 and plunge into a real good fairy tale with «Murakami»!

January 3, 7 pm

Age restrictions: 16+

Ticket price: 1200-2100 rubles

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