Concert «Моң, Melody, 音乐, Melodia»

This concert is a unique event where four languages (Russian, Tatar, Chinese and Italian) intertwine and harmoniously flow together. Music, which has the amazing power to unite people despite distances and language barriers, will become a connecting link. The cross-cutting theme of the concert is the eternal motives of love, beauty and devotion to the native country in the works of famous authors.
● Liang Zhou is a laureate of prestigious international competitions, alumna of the postgraduate studies at the Kazan State Conservatory named after N. Zhiganov;
● Rafis Khusnutdinov - tenor, laureate of international and all-Russian competitions, graduate of the Academy of Music in Milan, Italy, Master of the Kazan State Institute of Culture, student of a professor, People's Artist of Russia and the Republic of Tatarstan Venera Ganeeva.
Concert program:
1. S. Rachmaninov. Romance "Dream".
2. M. Glinka. “The fire of desire burns in the blood”.
3. R. Yakhin. “Bez baryber berge bulyrbyz” (tatar).
4. E. Curtis. “Non ti scordar di me”.
5. Costaldo. “Musica proibita”.
6. Donaudy. “O del mio amato ben”.
7. Lucio Dalla. “Coruso”.
8. Di Franci. “Champagne”.
9. Huang Zi. “Three Wishes of a Rose”.
10. Huang Zi. “Red Lips”.
11. Huang Zi. “Yearning for Homeland”.
12. R. Yakhin. “Bodre tallar” (tatar).
13. Chinese folk song "Jasmine".
14. Lin Jiaqing. “From the Water Side”.
15. “Moscow Evenings”, medley of songs.

The creative director of the concert is Professor of the State Conservatory named after N. Zhiganov, Honored Artist of Tatarstan Alsu Baryshnikova.

June 25, 6 pm

The event participates in the “Pushkin Card” project

Age restrictions: 6+

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Ticket price: 350 rubles
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