Useful information for mothers of toddlers

12/09/2021 03:28:00 pm

How to properly teach a child to be independent and not harm him?

1. Do not punish or get angry for the fact that a child cries when parting with you. It is better to tell a child that you love him and will wait for him until the lesson is over.

2. Do not promise what you cannot do - «I am here, I am not leaving», «I will come soon». By promising and not fulfilling, you undermine trust.

3. Do not deceive a child: do not say that you are staying with your child in the club if he will stay there without you.

The children's development club «Cat Lemon'» announces the start of a mini-kindergarten in January! It is open on weekdays for three hours a day! Registration for children of 2.5-4 years old is open! «English days» follow the «Russian» ones. The mini-kindergarten program includes: education and development, activities, creative workshops, physical exercise/yoga, snack and rest.

For registration and details send a direct message in Instagram (Children's development club «Cat Lemon»)