Timur Khadeev's exhibition «Lost Connections» is nominated for the «Event of the Year in the Field of Contemporary Art»

11/18/2021 12:00:00 am

The «Inde» Internet magazine which is dedicated to life in Kazan and the cities of Tatarstan traditionally sums up the «Results of the Year».  Today, the final voting has started on the «Inde» website, where everyone can vote for the «Beginning of the Year», «Performance of the Year», «Festival of the Year» and other significant events and creative projects of 2021. You can vote until 23:59 on December 8. The winners will be announced on December 16.

The first personal exhibition of a photographer, Timur Khadeev, which takes place at the «Moskovsky» Cultural Center from November 9 to December 9, was nominated for the «Event of the Year in the Field of Contemporary Art».

The «Lost Connections» exhibition is a kind of synopsis of a photographer Timur Khadeev’s work. It includes key works in two main genres  of the author - portrait and landscape, and the main objects of his photography are the city and people in it.  The author concentrates on social and physical changes of Kazan: he recalls his childhood, when walking with his father (photographer Nail Khadeev), he felt that old Kazan was already leaving. However, analyzing his photographic experience since 2009, when he began to shoot after his father, Timur Khadeev comes to the conclusion that he is not interested in disappearing in itself, but in the beautiful passing of time. His work is not about the old city as such, but about what has already been lost.

A photographer Timur Khadeev (born in 1985) lives and works in Kazan. He is engaged in old alternative photo techniques such as cyanotyping, as well as in more modern alternative methods - analog photo printing, in particular, lit-printing. His works are in the collection of the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg; in private collections in Moscow and Kazan. Recent exhibitions: «Mergasovsky. Flashback» (State Museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan) Kazan, 2019;  «Vth Photobiennale of Contemporary Photography» (Russian Museum) St. Petersburg, 2019; Moscow - Kazan - Moscow («Tsarskaya Tower» gallery) within the project «Russia. Research» - «Department of Research Arts», Moscow, 2018.

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