The theatre performance «Takhir and Zuhra»

06/23/2022 12:00:00 am

On June 23, the premiere of the performance «Takhir and Zuhra» was held by the theater studio «All are free» at the site of the «Moskovsky» Cultural Center. The audience got acquainted with the drama of Zukhra Yanikova about workers based on an ancient oriental tale. The past and the future with distant Asian landscapes and the «Pyaterochka» store, reinforcing bars, peach trees and new playgrounds are mixed in the play.

The director of the minimalist performance was the head of the studio, journalist Kamil Gimazdtinov.

“We have been preparing the play «Takhir and Zuhra» for almost 9 months - since October last year. Working with the text of Zukhra Yanikova was not easy. Structurally and in content, this was a very difficult and deep work, but it seems that we were able to get to the very essence, though we changed the concept of staging three times. We plan to show this performance again, but have not yet decided when - probably it will be in August” - the director shared his thoughts and plans.

The event was held in the open air in the courtyard of the center. Summer evening, grass and trees became a natural scenery for the performance.