Excursion-mediation of the exhibition

11/11/2023 12:00:00 am
We share photos from the excursion-mediation «I will hear myself in silence» of the artist Yar Ada. A mediation tour is a lighter and clearer version of the tour, which does not involve the classic monologue of a guide. Acquaintance with the exhibition appears in a question-and-answer format, when the viewer can ask a question at any time and share his opinion about the works. As part of the excursion-mediation of the exhibition “I Will Hear Myself in Silence” viewers learned more about the artist’s work, the works and the concept of the exhibition, the process of its creating. Visitors also had an opportunity to talk with the exhibition’s curator and author of the music. «I will hear myself in silence» is the debut audiovisual exhibition of the young artist Yar Ada (Adilya Shakirova) from Tatarstan.