Case session «Window of opportunity»

03/18/2021 12:00:00 am

Many cultural centers in Russia demonstrate not surviving, but developing, experimenting and implementing programs that meet the needs of modern society.

Each case has its own background and implementation method. Together, they represent an illustrative and rewarding experience. The range of transformations will be an excellent incentive for reassessing the potential of any existing cultural, social or educational center and a reason for a more optimistic view of the future of cultural and leisure institutions in Russia.

On March 18 at 11:00, we invite you to the case session «Window of opportunity» within the framework of the program «Cultural Centers -XXI: Culture, Education, and Development».

«Details of the program «Cultural Centers -XXI: Culture, Education, and Development»

During the event broadcasting on the YouTube channel, participants will be able to ask questions to the speakers.

March 18, 11:00

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