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The Cultural Center "Moscovsky" celebrated 80th Anniversary in 2018. It has passed many stages during a long journey: a dining room for builders of the Uritsky settlement in 1932, a barrack for workers of the Motor Building Plant during the Great Patriotic War and a Club of the mentioned Plant since 1945, and, finally, the Uritsky Cultural Center since 1961.
The Cultural Center "Moskovsky" is a pilot project of the City Department of Culture to transform cultural centers into modern ones. The new concept sets the task of developing not only traditional workshops and concert activities, but above all, creating a multifunctional cultural center, which provides conditions for creative and intellectual development of both children and adults.

The center has studios for robotics, programming, English for the little ones, an art studio, an early development school, a cinema school, sports sections, etc. Also together with partners, we organize various creative master classes for adolescents, as well as psychological and pedagogical trainings for parents on upbringing children. Within the framework of the city project "Zhiznelyub" (Life-lover), free classes are held for persons of the "third age": table tennis, dancing, classes in fine arts, mental arithmetic, courses on using mobile phones, etc.
The foyer of the concert hall has already attracted many youth projects, such as Tatkultlab, subculture festival in music and fashion organized by online magazine “INDE”, the Cybersport Tournament, and many others. The concert hall itself has become an integral part of the cultural life of not only the Kirovsky and Moskovsky districts, but also the whole city: such eminent orchestras as La Primavera, Sforzando perform there, the Aksenov-fest and many other cultural events are held in it.
In the summertime, the team of "Moskovsky" with great pleasure participates in the city project "Cultural Environment" held in the Uritsky park. Moreover, the “Moskovsky” Cultural Center has created such cultural brands as “Yablochny Spas” (Savior of the Apple Feast Day) in Uritsky Park, “ART-VESNA in Moskovsky” (Spring art festival), “Summer Dance Floor”, and plans to create the new ones.
The center is already becoming the important "third place" between home and office/home and school for citizens. It is a kind of extension of the Uritsky park, where people come to not only participate in classes, master classes, lectures, or enjoy concerts, but also relax in a cafe, chat with friends, stay in a coworking space, use WI-FI in a lobby, go shopping to a bookstore.
The Cultural Center "Moskovsky" is open for cooperation in interesting projects in the field of culture and art, development and education!


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Documents of the Cultural Center «Moscovsky»
  1. The procedure for determining the number of concessional positions operating on a fee basis
  2. Price list for provision of commercial services
  3. Charter of CC «Moskovsky»
  4. Municipal task for the period of 2023-2025
  5. Rules of using a coworking space
  6. Schedule of the club «Life Lovers» (55+)

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