Curated tour of the exhibition «Light transcends itself»

The exhibition author, Stas Shakarvis is a successor of the pictorialism classic Nikolai Andreev and the ideologist of modern pictorialism Georgy Kolosov. He uses photographic techniques to solve artistic tasks, namely: transfer of senses that have passed through his inner perception. The artist refuses the documentary image, turning to the hidden, sensual area.

The exhibition displays works from the project, collected in collaboration with Georgy Kolosov, «Intense Contemplation» (2009 - 2012) and other works of the author.

The tour will be conducted by the curator of the exhibition Daria Rakhmanova.

The event participates in the «Pushkin Card» project.

November 6, 4 pm

November 20, 4 pm

Age restrictions: 12+

Ticket price: 150 rubles

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