Concert «Seasons»

«Seasons» – a unique author's program of the Novosibirsk composer Renata Mironova. Four seasons - four unforgettable periods that have inspired people in all eras.

Every year, Nature gives us the most vivid emotions and impressions - the long-awaited spring, blooming summer, colorful autumn, snow-white winter... Each season is special and beautiful in its own way. Renata combined her own works – piano pieces and poems – to immerse the listeners in an absolutely amazing atmosphere of every period.

 Incredibly beautiful music and sincere poetry will not leave anyone cold. Only one evening in Kazan - the fusion of music and words in harmony with Nature.

 Information about the performer: Renata Mironova is a composer from Novosibirsk, a graduate of the Novosibirsk State Conservatory (piano), laureate of international competitions, winner of the «Siberian Lornet» award, author of the «Sounding Canvases» project, summer charity open-air concert «Music near the Water», participant of the international festivals «CLAVIS» (St. Petersburg), «Siberian Spirit», «New Music of Siberia» (Novosibirsk), conference «TEDx». Renata leads an active concert life in Siberia and beyond.

 November 3, 6:30 pm

 Age restrictions: 6+

Ticket price: 400 rubles

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